Wacky Wednesday – Dressing for the Occasion

Sunday’s road conditions were terrible: ice on the surface, covered with snow/slush which eventually became just slush. The weather was messy for everyone, especially for those of us who were racing.

That same morning at church, one member approached my friend, Katherine, about my running gear:

So, when she is running in this kind of weather, what does she wear?
Well, I don’t know. Just regular running clothes, I guess.
And, what does she wear on her feet? Does she have special shoes for days like this?

Special shoes? Yup! With booster packs on the back!

Picture them – just for a moment. Wouldn’t that be fun?



  1. Between this and the principal story, I'm thinking the booster pack shoes may be more fact than fiction.
    I also know that to create booster pack shoes, just stick magic markers into your shoes. Trust me!


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