A New Superhero

On Saturday night, I was ready to walk away from the marathon. I had a horrible 25.5K run on Saturday afternoon during the windstorm and was close to calling home to be picked up. But I persevered and finished – with a record slow time on that route. I complained about the conditions – the fierce wind and slippery footing – for days.

I was telling my chiropractor, Dr. Randy, about this last night. He reminded me how strong the wind really was, describing how it knocked over two iron planters that were on his front step. “Those are heavy pots, Cynthia. It takes a lot to move them even an inch.” I was starting to feel better.

On the way home, Little Ironman, who was tagging along, asked what iron planters were. Even though I am no gardener, I gave him quite a good image.

“So, the wind blew the iron planters over?” he asked.
“Like the wind blew me over when I was riding my bike?” (Don’t laugh; this actually did happen to him on Friday.)
“So, when you were fighting the wind, were you an IronMom?”

When we got home, I gave him a giant-sized IronMom hug.
On another note: Congrats to all who participated in the Brass Monkey Virtual 5K. I’m still waiting for a few race reports and, then, we’ll announce the winners of famous towels from Inperspire!



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