Cold Feet

I had cold feet today and I mean that in a literal sense.

Two years ago, I discovered Wright Socks for cold weather running. I love them. First, they’re black so the winter dirt doesn’t show on them. Secondly, and more importantly, my feet have not been cold since I started wearing them – and I am always complaining about the cold.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I better pick up another pair as mine are starting to show wear; the last thing I want is to find a hole in a sock before heading out. So, last Friday night, I headed down to my local Running Room and purchased two pairs.

Today, in our -10C temperatures (20 below with the windchill), I decided I should break in a pair. Actually, it was more a case of needing to open a new pack or wear socks that are waiting to be washed. I pulled them on and headed out. Five miles later, I got back home, took off my shoes and cringed at the pain I had in my toes. I couldn’t bend them. Somehow, they got so cold that it was hurting to walk on them. I immediately looked at the socks and their packaging. I noticed the words “traps heat”.

Something wasn’t right. So I dug through the laundry basket to find another Wright sock so that I could compare them. One had a blue toe seam; the other had a red one. Then, I looked at the bottoms. One had “Running”; the other had “Cold Running”. Uggh!!! I bought the wrong socks. I was especially annoyed because I double-checked with the sales clerk at the Running Room that I did indeed have the right Wright socks for cold weather.

In the late afternoon, I drove back downtown to exchange the unopened pair, and I took the gently used pair in hope that they would let me return them too. I explained what happened this morning, told them that I thought I was buying the correct product last week and that I thought I had confirmed it with their staff. Lucky me! I was able to swap both pairs for the Wright Cold Running socks. I love good customer service.

I’m looking forward to opening another pair later this week – but not in tomorrow’s even colder weather, just in case.



  1. So what are you saying? Two Wrights make a wrong?

    Cynthia! I pick the worst weeks to vacation.
    Too much to post catch-up comments, but I'm very proud of your 3K running effort and your courage to speak with Ed the Legend. Amazing.

    And I did enjoy your letter to our mutual friend, Mother Nature. So much I read it twice 🙂


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