One Thousand Official Miles

Yesterday, Sunday, I officially met the 1000 mile mark. I probably crossed it in early November but I wasn’t recording my mileage until the last week in February.

A few weeks ago, I panicked, thinking that I wouldn’t make the official thousand. For the last two weeks, I have been watching my mileage counter climb but, with so many other things going on in my life right now, I couldn’t do anything to help it climb any faster.

Yesterday, when I headed out for my 10 miles, I knew I’d be turning that extra digit. At the 5 mile marker, I waited at a traffic light and thought “Oh, I just crossed a thousand.” And that was it – no jump in the air, no high fives (to myself). I just kept going.

And, by the time I got home, I had forgotten that I was into the thousands. Strange.

It just goes to show that running isn’t just about numbers. It’s about doing what is good for you, what’s good for meeting your goals but, most importantly, it’s about doing it for fun. Without a doubt, my thousand have been fun.



  1. It's always more about the running than the numbers for me. If it was not for Biking Sherpa 100 days would have came and went without production and 200 days have gone will even less fanfare. Let alone that I well surpassed 2500 miles this year and didn't stop to celebrate, it's about the process of getting where ever it is I'm going. But then I think, “if I've gone this far I wonder what's right around there?”…and I keep going just like you.

    Number are nice. Running is fun.


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