Running Chics Sale

At the end of the summer, I won this comfy Alo Mesh Back Tank from Andrea at Running Chics. I thought that I was going to have to tuck this away until spring but, oddly enough, in our cool fall temperatures, it has become one of my favorite pieces.

Why? That change to fall temperatures can make dressing to run tricky and this tank has been great for the transition. Its snug fit covers my waist, which helps keep my core warm and makes this a great bottom layer for fall temperatures. The tank feels good, washes well and dries quickly so it has quickly become a staple to my fall collection. I’ve worn it during all of my long runs under a long-sleeved technical tee and have been warm without feeling overheated.

Great news for you is Running Chics now has a 2 for 1 sale on all in-stock items. I’m hoping that I can add a few winter running pieces to my closet. Advice from Running Chics is to e-mail first to make sure that they have what you want. Check out their website here.

Happy Shopping!



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