What Comes in Three’s?

Sides of a triangle. Men in a tub. Little kittens. Wheels on a trike. Events in a triathlon.

For me, this season, it has been the half-marathon. In ten days (yes, I’m getting excited), I’ll be running my third half-marathon in three months. It didn’t start out this way. The first two were suppose to be part of my training for a fall marathon but, in a strange turn of events, that marathon suddenly became my third half.

Yesterday morning, though, I worried that this race was going to be overpowered by another third: my third round of pneumonia. For the past 6 months, I’ve fretted over the possibility of getting sick again. My doctor changed my asthma inhalers over the summer and it has been an unseasonably warm fall – both great for staying healthy.

On Tuesday night, though, I suddenly developed a sore throat. Yesterday morning, I was tired and achy. By noon, my chest was tight. I couldn’t be getting sick, not now, not with a week and a half to go. But, oh yes, I could – especially with so many other things on my mind.

So after school, I headed to the walk-in clinic to try to nip this thing before it exploded. The doctor surveyed my eyes, ears and throat. Nothing.

“I’m pretty sure my glands are swollen,” I reminded her.
“No, I can’t feel anything.”
“Are you sure, Doc” I wanted to answer. “Because there really isn’t a lot of fat that you have to push your fingers through.”
“Oh, wait. Yes, they’re swollen.”

Meds (a Superdrug – no surprise) were prescribed. And, with Little Ironman falling asleep at 7:30, I was able to get to bed early too.

This morning, my throat felt much better and the chills were gone. Tomorrow, I should feel well enough – and fearless enough – to run.

So, yes, half-marathons also come in three’s.

What comes in three’s in your life?


  1. Ugh…I'm sorry you're getting sick! Hopefully the meds will kick it before it even develops into anything big!

    Hmmm..what comes in three's?? My boys' bedtime routine: brush teeth, read a book, tell a story. It's the same every night! 🙂


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