TaTa for now.

Good-bye, Dear Humidity.

You do remember last summer, don’t you? It was cold and wet – absolutely miserable. I remember spending hours each day eyeing the radar on Environment Canada’s website to determine when I could make a break for a quick 5 or 6 mile run; I often was forced to delay my long run until Monday because the weekends saw nothing but rain. Humidity, you visited us briefly in August and, as quickly as you arrived, you left.

So, really, it has been two long years since we have truly enjoyed your and your sister’s (Heat’s) company. And many of us have felt that visit was long overdue. Since the end of June, our children have loved playing outside daily and we runners have bragged about having to run earlier in the mornings. There is nothing better than dressing down to the bare minimum to log our miles.

You do realize, I hope, that I complain about you in the same way I complain about my husband’s squeezing the toothpaste? Both can drive me crazy, but I adapt. I run earlier and I buy two tubes of toothpaste. Simple.

We expected that you would be with us until mid-August and I was enjoying your extended visit. In fact, it was giving me the reason I needed to buy a fuschia ultraswift Running Skirt.

Alas, a cold front has come in, it was rained all day and you are already aboard the next fleet of clouds for some southern destination. This foe, Rain, is truly an unwelcome presence.

Please, dear Humidity, do not leave us for too, too long. We have 6 more weeks of summer running.



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