Runner of the Week

Wow, that’s me: Runner of the Week over at Courtney’s blog. Please, click here to check it out; you might find out something about me that you didn’t know.

And, a friend of mine just sent me a picture of my most recent 5K, finishing in 21:27. How does my face always end up so smushed in finish photos? Is it really the wind pressing my nose and chin into the back of my head?



  1. Very cool that you are runner of the week! I think it's a great picture–and you and I could not be any closer on 5k times!

    As to the Garmin question–I went with REI b/c they have a good return policy. I've heard a few stories of people's watches having issues, so I thought I'd play it safe. Even the 110, which I got and which is entry level, ran $199. They are ridiculously expensive!


  2. Great pic! How's the running up in Canada, eh? I used to spend a lot of time in the Oakville/St. Catharines area during my summers off – beautiful up there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!


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