Rain, Rain, Go Away

As in many parts of the USA, it is also raining here in Ontario and there is no sign of it letting up. After almost 48 hours of non-stop rain, it is really starting to irritate me.

Had I run on Thursday night, I wouldn’t be quite so fed up by now. But my mother-in-law arrived for a 4 day visit and I didn’t want to run out on her. Waiting until Friday seemed like a better idea.

But now I see that I should have followed the rule: don’t put off a run if you are up to it today. Really, I was up to it, but I was in a lazy mood. Blame it on the half-marathon I ran on Sunday. Or, perhaps it was the end of the week that just got to me. In any case, I did not run when I should have.

So now the panic is setting in. The 30K in two weeks time is becoming more and more of a worry. I’m starting to rethink running just 21K of it instead.

What would you do?



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