Running on Empty

Today, I had planned to run an easy 6 miles and tomorrow’s run was to be 11 miles. At 10:30 this morning, though, I realized why I’ve been forcing myself to bed early for the past few nights and decided that today’s run was to be a write-off.

The vomiting started. All through the night, I was up and down with trips to the bathroom; I blamed it on a lousy dinner. In the same way, I had the chills for the past few days – but only at night; those, I attributed to the cold house. Once in bed, I was able to sleep and be ready to work in the morning.

I actually think it was the over-the-counter cold meds that I took. Normally, I don’t use anything for colds, but I’m running a half in two weeks; I don’t need to be sick right now. So, yesterday, I reluctantly purchased the tablets, took them as directed and started with trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Since noon, things have settled down. I’ve been up since 5:00, showered, tried to clean and reorganize the disaster that the boys left for me (really, how hard is it to turn on the dishwasher?) and am trying to stay up so that I can sleep through the night.

Tomorrow, I plan to run. How far? Only time will tell. There is nothing left in the intestinal tract to get in the way, though. The question is: how far will I be able to run on empty?



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